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As Benjamin Franklin used to say, you may be sure of two things in your life: death and taxes. The recent archaeological research’s results confirm this fact. The archaeologists found in Egypt the boards which were used about 5300 years ago. They are covered with the oldest ever heard of samples of human writing. The scientists managed to read them and it appeared that at least two thirds of all the boards were covered with calculations of the taxes paid for the ruler in the form of linen and olive oil.
The tax system have been developed for years and have become more and more complicated. The cases of the businessmen whose companies were destroyed by the tax office workers are well known from the title newspapers pages. Unfortunately, our lack of knowledge, regarding the taxes, may become harmful, sometimes even extremely harmful. In this section of the service we would like to acquaint you with this knowledge. You will find here both general information concerning the taxes as well as the specificity of the ?więtokrzyskie region.

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