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Partnership in aid of Development
Face to face with the labour market – The Temporary Unemployment Model
The Staropolska Chamber of Industry and Commerce is one of the Partners in the project “Face to face with the labour market – The Temporary Unemployment Model” within the confines of IW EQUAL.
The partnership in aid of Development consists of different institutions and environments: non-governmental self-assistance organizations, employees from the business environment, public administration, local government and academic institutions from Warsaw and Kielce.
The aim of the partnership in aid of development is to research into the possibility of conditioning the implement of The Model of Temporary Unemployment and Independent Unemployment in Poland within the scope of an international model of home – club as well as to check their effectiveness in practice. The actions taken will lead to cause the changes in the society’s common awareness, in particular the stereotypes concerning the consideration of the people suffering from mental diseases as the citizens are incapable of leading a self-reliant life as well as doing professional work.
One of the project responsibilities of The Staropolska Chamber of Industry and Commerce is The Temporary Unemployment Model’s promotion among the associated entities and providing the employers with the information concerning the employment of the mentally disabled. Among different actions of the Chamber there will be also the organization of subject and information – educational seminars within the scope of labour market and responsible business, diagnose the employees’ bases for the employment of the mentally disabled and organization of the trainings and professional trainings for the participants of the project in the partnership of Kielce. The employers will acquire the knowledge of the responsible business and flexible forms of employment, the model of home - club, the formula of Temporary Employment as well as the social dialogue. The actions executed by the SCIC will lead to improve the entrepreneurs’ awareness of the fact that the disabled may become good employees and, due to the involvement in the project, the companies are offered the possibility of their social image’s improvement.
Studio visit in Denmark
The employment of the disabled is a significant social and economic problem in every country of the European Union. It may be generally considered that the effectiveness of the disabled employment system and the anti-discrimination legislation depends on the level of social awareness, in particular the awareness of the employers and the economic development of the country. The European Committee with the aid of The community Initiative EQUAL offers the possibility of effective solutions’ adaptation and the experiences exchange with the countries which achieve high rates in the employment and methods of struggle with discrimination of the disabled.
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