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Staropolska Business Angels Network

Benefits for Investors

  • diversification of the investment portfolio and the possibility of the well above average rate of return;
  • achievement of the personal objectives such as the assistance associated with the need and sharing ones experience with start-up enterpreneurs;
  • participation in the project supporting the local economy.

Benefits for Entrepreneurs

  • Support in building contacts and establishing relations with key partners (customers, suppliers)
  • Support in building and implementing strategies
  • Assistance in financial management
  • Assistance in acquiring properly qualified staff
  • Providing legal assistance-
  • possibility to obtain the external financing from investors of various investment preferences in the industry and the stage of the development of the undertaking;
  • possibility of the based on the investors experience verification of guidelines of the business plan;



STAROPOLSKA Business Angel Network

collaborates with the STAROPOLSKI Equity Fund created in the frame of EU project conducted by the CCI STAROPOLSKA.

Within the project the Fund will contribute towards at least 15 new companies the amount of capital up-to 200 000,00 Euro and 49 % shares in the newly established enterprise. The investment strategy adopted by the Fund is covering the period of the capital commitment for 1.5 -5 years.

The Fund enables also private co-investment in the newly established companies.

The capital acquired from the sale of the shares of the incubated companies will be dedicated for next investments in new innovative projects.

It will enable uninterrupted activity of the STAROPOLSKI Equity Fund and further coming into existence of innovative companies.

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